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“How high you climb depends on how you approach things, not just on your natural skills.”

“You’ll be prosperous in life. The most significant factor in life is our attitude, which affects both our personal and professional lives.

The wonderful thing about attitude is that it allows us to reshape our mentalities and, hence, our lives.


THE STORY: A Beachside Tale: Colorful Balloons

The Balloon Vendor’s Beachside Haven

A man formerly made a living by selling balloons at a beach. The young children were drawn to him as they arrived at the beach with their family to spend precious time together.

Previously, the balloon vendor offered balloons in an array of hues, encompassing red, yellow, blue, orange, pink, white, and green. He knew that many colours attract children.

Innovative Sales Tactics

When business would slow down, he would employ a brilliant tactic to increase sales. The balloon vendor used to launch a balloon filled with helium into the air. The children all wanted a balloon when they saw the colourful one rise. His sales would increase when they approached him carrying their parents and purchased a balloon. He kept releasing a balloon throughout the day whenever sales were sluggish.

A Curious Inquiry

He used the same tactic one day when he was having trouble selling balloons. He sent a blue balloon packed with helium into the air. It was to be expected that the balloon man felt a tug at his jacket. When he turned back, he saw a young child grinning at him.

The Innocence of a Question

“Which colour balloon do you want?” inquired the balloon vendor. With wonder in her eyes, the naive young child looked up at the helium-filled balloon in the air and asked, “Will that also fly when you release a black balloon?”

A Lesson Beyond Colors:
The balloon man, moved by the adorable little boy’s concern, kindly responded, “My dear son, it is not the color of a balloon; it is what’s inside that makes it go up.”


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