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Simplicity (finding gratitude in the midst of difficulty) is the true source of happiness and peace of mind.


Contentment forms the bedrock of genuine happiness, providing a steady foundation for a fulfilling life. When one embraces
contentment, the pursuit of materialistic desires takes a backseat, leading to a profound sense of peace. In this state of inner
satisfaction, external circumstances have less power to disrupt the tranquilly of the mind. Contentment acts as a compass, guiding individuals towards a more meaningful and joyful existence.Ultimately, it reveals the truth that lasting happiness arises from within.

STORY TIME: Finding gratitude amidst adversity

A low-income widow and her young child received government support and lived in a small shack. Even with few resources, they lived a modest but happy life, finding satisfaction without complaining.

Facing Adversity: Rainy Days and Penetrating Waters

One cold winter day brought heavy rains to the village, and the modest hut proved vulnerable to water penetration. In the face of this challenge, the mother, determined to protect her son, took swift action, although it meant exposing herself to the elements.

Ingenious Shelter: A Door Becomes a Shield

Facing the predicament of wet clothes, the resourceful mother decided to repurpose the hut’s door. She skillfully removed it and strategically placed it against one of the walls. Under this makeshift shelter, the mother and son found refuge, shielded from the relentless rain.

Gratitude Amidst Adversity: A Child’s Perspective

Amidst the temporary shelter, the young child, rather than dwelling on the harsh conditions, expressed gratitude. He questioned what those less fortunate, without a door for protection, might do when rain descends upon them.

The Power of Positivity: A Lesson in Contentment

Remarkably, despite the challenges of that night, the child refrained from complaints and negativity. Instead, he focused on the one positive element—the door that shielded them from the rain. This perspective reflects a profound lesson in contentment and gratitude, even in the face of adversity.

The moral: In the simplicity of their lives, the mother and son demonstrate that contentment is not derived from wealth or abundance but from a perspective of appreciation.The narrative invites us to adopt thankfulness as a guiding concept, realising that there are things for which we may be grateful even in the middle of life’s storms. It prompts us to cultivate a mindset of appreciation

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