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Break through the obstacles or let the obstacles break you.

Life often presents challenging obstacles, some of which appear unjust or overwhelming. However, within these hurdles, choices emerge. One can opt to confront and overcome the challenges, demonstrating resilience and strength. Alternatively, succumbing to the obstacles is a choice, allowing them to exert control. Ultimately, the path chosen shapes one’s journey and defines the character that emerges from life’s intricate challenges.

STORY TIME : Disability Does not Define the Mind: Resilience in Adversity

Stephen William Hawking CH CBE. 8 January 1942—14 March 2018 | Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society

Early Challenges and Educational Determination

Steven Hawking’s journey began with familial challenges as his father’s farm faced bankruptcy, limiting his educational opportunities. Despite financial constraints, he found value in staying at his current school, fostering friendships, and eventually pursuing education at Oxford University.
Upon graduation, Steven received a devastating diagnosis of motor neuron’s disease at 21, with a prognosis of two to five years to live, altering the trajectory of his life.

Health Scare and Life-Altering Tracheotomy

In 1985, a major health scare led to Steven contracting pneumonia, resulting in a drug-induced coma. His subsequent tracheotomy surgery at Cambridge marked a crucial turning point, impacting his ability to speak.

Academic Triumphs Despite Adversity

Steven Hawking persevered through the difficulties and was awarded a PhD in Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics in 1966 after his written thesis was approved. His essay, ‘Singularities and the Geometry of Space-Time,’ won the prestigious Adams Prize.

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Scientific Breakthrough: Hawking Radiation

In 1974, Steven made the groundbreaking discovery that black holes emit radiation, initially controversial but later recognised as a significant scientific breakthrough, ultimately named ‘Hawking Radiation’.

Post-Tracheotomy Achievements and Literary Success

Following his tracheotomy, Steven fully recovered. He then went on to write “A Brief History of Time,” which went on to become a record-breaking best-seller and sell over 10 million copies. He also ventured into co-authoring children’s books with his daughter.

Inspiring Possibilities for Disabilities

Steven Hawking became a symbol of possibilities for individuals with disabilities, inspiring both disabled and non-disabled individuals to recognise the limitless potential achievable despite life-altering challenges.

Stephen Hawking, famed physicist, dead at 76 | Fox News

The moral: the story of Stephen Hawking imparts morals of resilience, perseverance, scientific curiosity, overcoming physical limitations, inspiring others with disabilities, leaving a positive legacy, and the importance of family support.

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