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Perseverance is not long race; it’s many short races one after another

Spielberg Presents His Film to Executives

Perseverance is a series of determined sprints rather than a single, prolonged marathon. Each short race represents a hurdle to
overcome, a step closer to success. It emphasises the significance of consistent effort and resilience in achieving long-term goals. The path to success is made up of numerous tenacious steps, demonstrating the importance of persistence.


Story Time: Steven Spielberg: An Under appreciated Story of Perseverance.

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Overcoming Rejection: Spielberg’s Persistent Pursuit of Film School

In a lesser-known tale of resilience, Steven Spielberg faced rejection from film school not once, but three times. Undeterred by these setbacks, he persisted in his pursuit, continuously applying until Cal State Long Beach finally accepted him into their film programme.

Turning Point: Spielberg’s Unpaid Internship at Universal Studios

This acceptance became a pivotal point for Spielberg, opening the door to an unpaid internship at Universal Studios. Despite its limitations, the internship provided Spielberg with a valuable opportunity to gather insights into the industry.

Resourcefulness in Learning: Spielberg’s Studio Sneak-ins

Resourceful and determined, Spielberg even found a way to extend his learning by discreetly sneaking into the studios to understand the intricacies of success in the film business.

Breakthrough Moment: Spielberg Presents His Film to Executives

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The breakthrough came when Spielberg successfully presented a film he had created to film executives. However, the approval process was challenging. The executives repeatedly insisted that the film size was incorrect, leading Spielberg to painstakingly remake the entire demo multiple times.

Tenacity Triumphs: Overcoming Attempts to Make Him Give Up

Despite facing attempts to make him give up, Spielberg persisted until the executives finally relented and gave his film a chance.

Industry Recognition: Spielberg’s Journey from Rejection to Acclaim

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Steven Spielberg’s tenacity finally paid off, as the movie won major awards and established him as one of history’s most influential filmmakers. The journey he took from rejection to achieving industry recognition is a testament to perseverance and the ability to overcome obstacles.

The morale: The story is a powerful reminder that success often requires facing rejection, enduring challenges, and maintaining a relentless pursuit of one’s passion. One’s unwavering commitment to overcoming obstacles.

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