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Stay true to your dreams and eventually they come true

Kevin Hart's Triumph Over Adversity

Persist in staying true to your dreams, unwavering amidst challenges. Consistent effort and belief pave the path to realising aspirations. Embrace setbacks as temporary detours, not roadblocks. With dedication, dreams unfold gradually, turning aspirations into tangible realities. Trust the journey, and in time, your persistence will yield the sweet fruits of success.


STORY TIME : Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart | Executive Producer | Dave on FX Networks

Challenging Upbringing in Philadelphia

Kevin Hart was born in Philadelphia, PA on July 6th, 1979, and into what many would consider a challenging home life. With a father who was rarely around due to alcoholism, drug addiction and his consistent frequenting of jailtime.

Influence of a Strong Mother

Hart was essentially raised by his mother. Fortunately, Kevin Hart’s mother was a strong religious woman with a good head on her shoulders. She was a mother who always encouraged her kids to better themselves, and to set big goals and strive to achieve them.

Comedic Outlet for Coping

To cope with his troubled upbringing, and the negative cloud over his home life, Hart would turn to comedy. In fact, he would leverage much of the trauma he experienced in his younger years, into much of his early comedic material. As a fan of stand-up comedy from a young age, Kevin Hart would eventually give his dream a shot once he graduated high school. Kevin Hart’s debut into the world of stand-up would be riddled with struggle.
He gave the stage a shot initially in Philadelphia after some his co-workers informed of the opportunity, and encouraged him to give it a shot, but bombed the show. He then moved to shows in New York and sought out gigs in Massachusetts as well. Hart would commute nearly 2 hours daily to New York from Philadelphia to try and get noticed in the big New York comedy clubs.

Struggles in the Stand-Up Comedy Scene

Hart was making moves, but he struggled initially. From getting booed off the stage, to having chicken thrown at him, his act wasn’t an instant winner. And despite his best efforts, and even working a side gig as a shoe salesman, Hart eventually fell behind on his rent and was threatened with eviction. Fortunately, his mom believed in him, and helped him get back on his feet. She supported Hart by paying for his rent for a whole year while he strived to make a name for himself, under the condition that if things didn’t work out after this trial period, he’d go to college.

 Support from Family during Tough Times

Fortunately for Hart, was determined to make a name for himself. Despite the awkward silences, the boos, and the bombed shows, Kevin remained fearless, and kept doing shows. Kevin Hart’s comedy started to really get noticed, and it was after his acts started to be stolen, that his fame really took after in the world of comedy.

Transition to Hollywood

But Hart’s ambition was to be more than just a stand-up comedian. He also wanted to make his way into Hollywood and become a comedic actor and went for it. Eventually, Hart landed his first movie role in the movie “Paper Soldiers”. He then made it on the air for a short-lived pilot in 2001, which never got picked up. Then, he got his own sitcom known as “The Big House” just three years later.

Persistence and Breakthrough

However, it would be a very short-lived show which only lasted six episodes. But Hart didn’t lose heart. He kept on pursuing his comedy career, waiting for his next big Hollywood opportunity to arise while he did stand-up around the country and took on smaller roles in various movies. After a while though, all those small roles started turning into medium-sized roles, and as he racked up more and more roles, the bigger opportunities started coming in, like major multi-million-dollar comedy tours and landing serious roles in major blockbuster hits like “Central Intelligence”, “Jumanji”, “Jumanji: Next Level”, and many more.

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Entrepreneurial Ventures

And he’s been going strong ever since. With 96 and growing acting credits under his belt, Hart has managed to successfully build for himself a decent- sized multi-million-dollar fortune. On top of this, he’s also the founder of the fast growing multi-million-dollar media company known as Hartbeat.

Legacy and Work Ethics

Lastly, Kevin Hart doesn’t just work to work. He believes that if you’re going to be putting in the effort, it should at least be towards getting better. So, don’t just work to work, work to improve, to grow, and to add value.

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The Moral: You should always remain steadfast in pursuit of your dreams, and over time, they will materialise into reality.

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