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“We should concentrate on the positive aspects and consider things with completeness.”

Everything Happens for Good

Whatever occurs throughout everyday life, occurs for good. Each occurrence in life has an association with future occurrences, which we can’t see at that time. We are simply ready to relate it back once that associating future episode occurs. At the point when we associate those previous episodes, we understand their importance. Whatever occurs, we ought to be appreciative of what we have rather than miserable about what we have lost.

Consequently, we ought to constantly be hopeful and look for more splendid pieces of things.


STORY TIME: The Story of an Indian King and His Strange Expedition

Childhood Companionship:
This is the old story of an Indian lord who grew up with an exceedingly dear companion. The ruler used to spend his time with his closest friend.

Optimism in Every Situation:
His friend had a habit of approaching every situation, whether positive or negative, with optimism, often saying, “This is good; everything happens for a reason!” He consistently tried to view things from different perspectives and understand the potential outcomes of whatever occurred in the house.

Hunting Mishap:
One day, the lord and his hunting partner went hunting, exploring the thick forest. While hunting, the companion would load and set up the weapons for the ruler. The lord took the weapon from his companion, and the gun misfired, grazing the ruler’s thumb. His friend had evidently made a mistake while loading and preparing the gun. They both were shocked and promptly administered first aid.

Unexpected Wisdom:
Following this, the friend analysed the situation and, unsurprisingly, remarked, “This is good; everything happens for a reason!”

Fury and Prison:
Expressing fury as his friend grazed his thumb due to a mistake, the ruler heard his friend exclaim, “This is fantastic!” Disagreeing, the ruler insisted that his companion be sent to prison.

Unexpected Turn of Events:
About two or three months later, the lord was hunting in an area he should have known to avoid. Savages captured him and took him to their village. They tied his two hands, gathered some wood, set up a stake, and bound him to the stake. As they came near to put a match to the wood, they noticed that the Lord was missing a thumb. Being eccentric barbarians, they never ate anyone who was not entirely whole. Thus, the man-eaters loosened the ruler and sent him on his way.

Regret and Redemption:
Upon his return, the lord remembered the incident with his thumb and regretted mistreating his friend. He promptly visited the prison to apologise, acknowledging his friend’s wisdom. The Lord sought forgiveness and admitted, “You were right! It was fortunate that my thumb was grazed that day during hunting.” He then explained the entire incident, including how the man-eaters spared him due to his missing thumb. The lord regretfully admitted making a terrible decision when he imprudently sent his friend to jail after getting upset that day.

Unusual Gratitude:
“I apologise,” replied his companion. “That was great; everything happens for good!” The lord, astonished by his companion’s inspiration, asked, “What do you mean? How was it being amazing?” His companion grinned and replied, “If I had not been in prison, I would have been with you. The barbarians would have killed me and made me their food.”

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