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“Life should be lived looking forward, but understood by reflecting backward.”

In today’s competitive environment, everyone has a growing demand for careers and jobs. People have busy schedules to achieve their goals in their professional lives. It’s essential to maintain a good work-life balance. Spend some time with your family and friends.


STORY TIME : Prioritising Family: A Challenging Choice

In the face of challenges, Andrew consciously opted to prioritise his family above all else. Despite the relentless pace of life, he consistently reminded himself to invest time in individuals who held significance. Moreover, regardless of how occupied things got, Andrew remained steadfast in his commitment to focus on those who mattered most.

A Tranquil Winter Morning:
Embracing the serenity of a cosy winter morning, Andrew took a break from his hectic schedule and ventured to the park near his home.

Daisy’s Playground Adventure:
Upon reaching the park, Daisy eagerly embarked on her playground escapade. Riding a toy bike in the garden, she revelled in the moment, and Andrew, seated on a bench nearby, observed his daughter’s joy.

Unexpected Company:
After approximately 30 minutes, a young woman joined Andrew on the bench. Grateful for her company, he couldn’t help but smile as he glanced towards her daughter. Pointing to a slightly chubby child in a blue sweater sliding down the slide, the woman said, “That is my child over there.” Responding warmly, Andrew added, “He’s a charming-looking child.” Then he pointed to his own daughter, saying, “That is my daughter on the bike in the pink dress.”

Father-Daughter Playtime Negotiation:
Checking the time, Andrew called his daughter. “What do you say, Daisy? Shall we go now?” Daisy pleaded, “No, just five more minutes, Father. Please?” Andrew nodded in agreement, and Daisy continued riding her bicycle to her heart’s content.

Joyful Moments:
Fifteen minutes later, Andrew stood, calling again to his daughter. “Come on, Daisy, it’s time to go now.” Once more, Daisy pleaded, “Five more minutes, Father. Just give me five more minutes.” With a warm smile, Andrew acquiesced, “Alright, sweetheart.” Daisy continued playing, thoroughly enjoying the moment, and Andrew watched her with a joyful expression, his eyes filled with happiness.

Patience Amidst Pleasure:
After another 15 minutes or so, the same scenario repeated: Andrew called Daisy, and she pleaded for a few more minutes to play. Subsequently, Andrew happily allowed her to play for some additional time.

Amazement and Appreciation:
Observing the scene, the woman seated nearby marvelled at Andrew’s patience. Subsequently, she remarked, “You are undoubtedly a patient father; I appreciate your continuous efforts to fulfil your daughter’s requests with a cheerful demeanour. If I were in your shoes, I would have undoubtedly become irritated.”

A Painful Revelation:
Andrew smiled and then shared, “A drunk driver killed her older brother Simon the previous year as he was coming home on his bicycle.” Reflecting on the time spent with Simon, Andrew expressed, “I would give anything to spend just five more minutes with him. I’ve vowed not to make the same mistake with Daisy.”She assumes she has five additional minutes to ride her bicycle. In all actuality, I get five additional minutes to watch her play.

The Morale: It’s essential to maintain a good work-life balance. Spend some time with your family and friends.


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