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“Everyone has problems, but don’t let your problems cause you to lose your happiness.”

Life is a journey fraught with difficulties and problems.
On the other hand, obsessing over these difficulties might obscure the happiness of the present. It’s important to identify problems without allowing them to steal your joy.

If you put effort into it and maintain an optimistic outlook, you can deal with issues without endangering your general well-being. Recall that joy is frequently found in striking a balance between dealing with difficulties and enjoying life’s good things.

STORY TIME: A Village, a Saint, and a Hundred Camels

Samuel’s Predicament

A long time ago, a guy named Samuel lived in a village close to an abandoned desert. He was a well-educated businessman with a lovely family—a cute youngster and a charming wife. However, he wasn’t content with life and often faced new challenges. Constant worrying and obsessing over problems became a routine for him.

Encounter with the Saint

One day, a saint from a distant city arrived in Samuel’s village with a caravan of one hundred camels. Samuel, eager to seek advice, finally got the chance to talk to the saint. “Holy man, my life is full of problems, and I’m unhappy. Health concerns, family issues, and workplace stress bother me all the time. Please give me a solution to lead a happy life free from these troubles.”

A Peculiar Request

“It’s quite late today, son,” the saint replied with a smile, adding, “I’ll respond tomorrow morning; however, could you do me a small favour first?” Agreeing, Samuel listened as the saint explained, “There are a hundred camels in our caravan. Their caretaker is ill. Tonight, ensure that each camel has a seat and gets enough rest. You can go to bed only when all one hundred camels have settled down.”

A Sleepless Night

Samuel took on the task, but the night turned into a sleepless challenge. The saint greeted him the next morning, and Samuel confessed, “No, I couldn’t sleep even for a moment. I tried hard, but I couldn’t make all the camels sit down.”

The lesson unfolds

“I knew this would happen,” the saint grinned. Samuel questioned, distressed, “Why did you ask me to do this then?” The saint explained, “Last night was unique. All the camels sitting together have never occurred before. It’s similar to life—no matter how hard you try to solve one issue, more may arise for various reasons.”

Learning to Enjoy Life

Samuel inquired, “So, what should we do?” Eagerly, the saint offered guidance: “Learn to enjoy life despite difficulties. Some problems resolve themselves, akin to how some camels chose to sit on their own last night. Have faith in the timing of your life, and let go of issues promptly. In due course, they will resolve themselves, much like some camels eventually settle down.”

“Did you understand something from this?” questioned the saint, leaving Samuel curious and thoughtful. The saint concluded, “Problems are like camels; some solve themselves, while others require effort. Have faith and let go—these issues will resolve themselves in due course.”

The moral: Samuel was astounded by the metaphor of the sitting camel. He now had a whole different outlook on life’s challenges and started living happily, focusing more on his general well-being

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