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“Haste Makes Waste – Take time for all things”

Rushing into tasks without thoughtful consideration often leads to errors or suboptimal outcomes. By taking the time to plan and execute tasks, we can minimise mistakes and achieve more effective and lasting results. In essence, it underscores the value of patience and thoroughness in the pursuit of success.

STORY TIME: Haste Makes Waste

Unwavering Companionship: The Hunter’s Faithful Hound

In the heart of the woods, a hunter had a magnificent hound that was not only his loyal companion on hunting expeditions but also a cherished playmate for his ten-year-old son.

A Forgetful Hunting Trip

One fateful day, the hunter set out for a hunting excursion, inadvertently leaving behind the hound as his son peacefully slept at home.

As he approached the forest’s edge, the realisation struck him, prompting a swift return home to fetch the forgotten hound. Little did he know that this moment would alter the course of events.

A Shocking Discovery

As the hunter returned home, he saw a shocking sight: the hound standing at the gate, its fur stained with blood.

Fear and Hasty Conclusions

Fear gripped the hunter’s heart as a dreadful assumption took hold—that the hound had harmed his sleeping son. As a result of panic, he unsheathed his sword and killed the faithful pet.

Tragic Revelation: A Son’s Tale

Hurrying inside, the hunter was met with a grim reality: blood pools scattered throughout the house. Yet, amidst this chaos, a surprising and relieving sight awaited him. His son emerged unscathed from his room, recounting a harrowing tale of a wolf’s intrusion.

Heroic Sacrifice: The Hound’s Brave Act

The boy narrated how the hound, in a courageous act of defence, had confronted the wolf and fought valiantly, tearing the intruder to pieces. The hound’s sacrifice had saved the son from harm.

Overwhelmed with Regret

Overwhelmed with regret and sorrow, the hunter realised the grave mistake he had made. His hasty decision, born out of fear, had cost the life of the very creature that had heroically protected his family. Due to this tragic discovery, the hunter was left to grapple with his impulsive behaviour.

The morale: The story highlights the destructive power of rash decisions. Snap judgements, fueled by panic or presumption, can result in irreversible consequences.

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