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“Dreams are not what you see in your sleep they are the things that don’t let you sleep”

Dreams transcend the realm of sleep; they embody relentless aspirations that keep one awake with passion and ambition. These persistent visions, far from nocturnal illusions, drive individuals to pursue their goals ceaselessly.


STORY TIME: Discovering Dream Essence

Once upon a moonlit night in the small town of Reverieville, lived a young dreamer named Sammy. Known for his vivid imagination and endless aspirations, Sammy had a peculiar ability—he could see dreams.

One peculiar dream captured Sammy’s attention. It was a whimsical world filled with floating islands, talking animals, and shimmering colours beyond imagination. However, there was a twist—it was a dream that refused to let Sammy sleep. Every time he closed his eyes, this enchanting dream would dance at the edge of his consciousness, beckoning him to explore its wonders.

Intrigued and determined, Sammy decided to embark on a journey to uncover the secrets of this persistent dream. His quest took him through the Moonlit Forest, across the Starry Streams, and into the Realm of Unfinished Dreams.

As Sammy delved deeper, he encountered various challenges and obstacles, each symbolising the hurdles one faces when chasing their dreams. Sammy kept going, overcoming doubt, fear, and uncertainty, driven by the captivating dream that kept him awake.

Along his journey, Sammy met fellow dreamers—characters with their own unique dreams and challenges. They formed an alliance, supporting and inspiring each other to overcome the hurdles on their shared path. Together, they discovered the true essence of dreams—not merely the visions that appear during sleep, but the aspirations that awaken the spirit and propel one into action.

As they reached Dreamer’s Peak, a place said to hold the key to understanding dreams, Sammy finally confronted the elusive dream that had kept him awake. To his surprise, it transformed into a shimmering portal of possibilities. It wasn’t just a dream; it was a doorway to aspirations, creativity, and the unexplored realms of one’s potential.

As Sammy reached Dreamer’s Peak, he finally faced the elusive dream that had kept him awake. Dreams were the catalysts for growth, resilience, and a life infused with purpose.

Returning to Reverieville, Sammy shared his insights with the townsfolk, inspiring them to pursue their dreams with unwavering determination. From that day forward, the once-sleepless dream became a guiding light for the townspeople, propelling them into a future filled with aspirations turned reality.

And so, in the heart of Reverieville, the tale of Sammy and the dream that refused to let him sleep became a cherished legend—a reminder that dreams are not mere illusions in the night but powerful forces that awaken the soul and shape destinies.


The moral: Dreams are not confined to the realm of sleep; they are the relentless aspirations that inspire and drive us, keeping us awake to the possibilities of what we can achieve.

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