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“Allowing the darker side of you to prevail is simpler than resisting it”

While surrendering to the darkness within oneself might seem easier, confronting the black wolf inside can be tempting. The path of least resistance often leads to succumbing to negative instincts and impulses. However, real strength emerges from the bravery to resist, as the struggle against internal shadows moulds one’s character.

Choosing to confront the black wolf fosters personal growth and resilience, ultimately leading to a more balanced and harmonious existence. Throughout the struggle, one discovers the power of self-control and the potential for transformation.


STORY TIME : The White Wolf vs Black Wolf

The Gathering of Curious Minds

A group of Cherokee children eagerly gathered around their grandfather, their faces filled with excitement and curiosity. Simultaneously, the day witnessed a tumultuous conflict between two adults, prompting their grandfather to intervene as a mediator. Eager to glean wisdom from their elders, the children bombarded him with questions.

The Child’s Inquiry

“Why do people fight?” asked one puzzled child to their grandfather.

The Wolves Within

In response, the old man began, “Well, my child, we all have two wolves inside us, residing in our chests. These wolves are in a perpetual struggle, constantly fighting each other.” The children’s eyes widened in fascination as they absorbed the intriguing revelation.

Seeking Clarification

Another child asked, seeking clarification, “Does it reside in our chests too, grandfather?”. The grandfather nodded, affirming, “Yes.”

A third child inquired, “Does it also reside in your chest?” With a smile, the grandfather admitted, “Yes, it does, in my chest too.”

The Battle Unveiled

With the kids’ full focus, the grandfather continued, “There are two types of wolves: black and white.” Subsequently, the Black Wolf within us harbours fear, lies, anger, envy, inferiority, sorrow, regret, jealousy, greed, ego, lust, and arrogance. In stark contrast, the White Wolf embodies generosity, truth, and faith. Remarkably, a perpetual and fierce battle ensues between these two wolves.”

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